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St Wulstan's & St Edmund's Catholic Academy

“As God’s children, we touch the lives of others through our thoughts, words and actions.”

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As God's children we touch the lives of others through our thoughts, words and actions.

John 13: 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

GOOD Behaviour, GOOD Manners and GOOD work


The School’s Agreement

We, both as individual staff and as a whole school will do our best to:

  • Educate the whole child through the Gospel values of Christ and encourage prayer and worship in the school and parish community
  • Teach super lessons which encourage and enthuse your child to make as much progress as they are capable of
  • Offer a curriculum which allows your child to flourish and achieve the highest standards they are capable of
  • Always insist on the highest standards of learning and behaviour, always dealing with instances which are contrary to our behaviour policy quickly and fairly
  • Keep you informed of your child’s progress regularly
  • Be approachable and responsive to your needs
  • Develop the home/school partnership because we recognise the positive impact it has on children’s self-esteem, motivation and academic progress
  • Work in partnership with you to celebrate success and resolve difficulties


The Parent or Carer’s Agreement

I will do my best to:

  • Support the Christian ethos at St Wulstan’s & St Edmund’s by encouraging my child to embrace the Gospel values of Christ and the prayer life of the school
  • See that my child attends school regularly and on time, notifying the school of any reasons for absence
  • Make sure that family holidays are not taken in term time
  • Ensure my child always wears the correct uniform each day
  • Seek out the class teacher to celebrate success and resolve difficulties
  • Support the school’s behaviour policy
  • Encourage my child to respect others and the school environment
  • Attend discussions about my child’s progress and behaviour


The Child’s Agreement

I will do my best to:

  • Follow Jesus’ example in all that I do
  • Support the prayer and worship of my school and Parish Community
  • Be on time for school at 8.45am
  • Wear my school uniform smartly and with pride
  • Try my best in all my lessons and do as well as I can
  • Always do my homework to the best of my ability
  • Be polite and helpful at all times
  • Try to join in extra activities whenever I can
  • Trust the adults to help me with my problems


Together We Will:

Look after our school and grounds; Be kind to each other; Look after each other and ourselves. Ensure that everyone is happy and achieves their best.