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Phonics and Early Reading

Early Reading

The primary strategy for teaching our children to read is through the DFE approved 'Floppy's Phonics' programme. This is a five - phase teaching programme running from Phase 1 in Nursery through to Phase 5 in Year 1. In Year 2, spelling rules are taught building upon the phonics knowledge they have acquired from previous years. We endeavour to keep children at age related expectations and pupils are taught within their year group at the correct phase. Where this is not possible, due to special educational needs, pupils receive additional phonics lessons with the teacher and teaching assistant.


At St Wulstan’s and St Edmund’s Catholic Academy, we actively encourage and support our children in becoming avid readers; believing that reading opens the door to many adventures and is the key to life-long learning.  We have our own well-resourced school library and our class rooms are environments were reading is central to all aspects of teaching and learning.