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“As God’s children, we touch the lives of others through our thoughts, words and actions.”

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Design and Technology is a subject that surrounds us. The equipment we use, the furniture we sit on and the gadgets we love have all started from a design perspective. We sometimes forget to appreciate how much thought goes into the things we take for granted and we sometimes find ourselves wondering if there are smarter solutions out there.

Your children are potentially the designers of the future so we need to encourage them to see the world as a place for endless opportunities. Who knows, they might find solutions for some of the biggest issues our world faces!


At home, take time to actually look at the things we use and talk about why they are the way they are. Look at how things work in detail and imagine what life was like before them. If you have any old toys or equipment, take them apart and look at the mechanisms that once made it work. You can use junk modelling to create prototypes and encourage creative thinking! 

Part of Design and aTechnology is “Cooking and Nutrition” where children learn the basics of food prep and cooking. Let your child help in the kitchen and teach them how to slice, peel and grate. Talk about where food comes from and the different food types you eat. Your child will learn a great deal and you can have a kitchen helper!